I am a very fortunate woman, in that I have always known my purpose in life.

From a very early age I realized I was extremely driven toward success. I worked a job before I was legally allowed to. Purchased a car before my peers even thought that would be a possibility. Moved out and into my own place at a young age, and was BLESSED with a child at the age of 16. All the while, maintaining straight A’s in my classes.

My formative years were filled with constant “push-pull” of emotions and testing boundaries of others and myself. I experienced the same drama most teen girls do with their mothers, while at the same time respecting the strength she showed in how she raised me. It was at this time I realized my life should be devoted toward seeing other women and young ladies, test their limits. Strive for more out of life. When they are told they can’t do this or that, to have an internal force that tells them not only will they do this or that, but will go beyond what those in their lives could ever imagine!

I have seen failures that temporarily knocked me off my square, but they were short lived.

I have owned countless business ventures that were successful beyond my wildest dreams. Conversely, I have seen failures that temporarily knocked me off my square, but they were short lived. While living in the Midwest I was fortunate enough to own one of the leading Girls Group Homes in my city that was well respected and resulted in countless girls going on to college and bettering their lives. Girls that came into my group home broken and fragile, that left strong and secure in who they are. The pride I have for that chapter of my life is so bright it blinds me.

I’ve been so blessed to spearhead businesses that create a legacy for my children and grandchildren. The Milk & Honey Brand has been able to serve as employment opportunities for the community and my own family. It has allowed me to pursue other passions like my beauty brand Mink & Honey.

I’ve been able to find success in life, you can too. I have been divorced, been in an abusive relationship, have behaved at certain periods of my life that were beneath the woman I am. I’ve survived cancer and other major setbacks. I can relate to other women in every aspect. I was, am and will always be a flawed human being. But my flaws are what I use as a catalyst for change. For motivation and movement forward, not back.

I am here to help you.
I am here to be your line of support and information.

You are in the driver’s seat of your life.
Don’t be a passenger.